Success Stories

Here are what a few of our clients have to say about their training experiences with Carolyn Weinbaum:


I just wanted to let you know that I have gotten several compliments lately on how well Bailey is behaved! JJ just finished Ranger school and I had Bailey with me waiting to pick him up last week. We were waiting with about 30 other people for the guys to be done at 4, but they ended up not being let out until almost 5.

In that time Bailey did her sit and down commands and also interacted with some of the young kids. Someone asked how old she was and was shocked to know she was still a puppy. I had several other people come up and say how good she was especially since she is only 7 months! I of course passed your name along :) Thank you so much for working with us and with Bailey!

Megan Morgan
Ft Benning, GA


I am writing this on behalf of Carolyn Weinbaum, whom I have known for the last seventeen years. While employed at the Audubon Institute she developed and implemented a husbandry-training program for our California sea lions. This involved a behavioral enrichment program and medical program that allowed us to weigh and hand examine these animals without the means of physical or chemical restraint.

During her tenure with the Audubon Institute she was also involved in developing animal training programs for our Great Apes, Red Wolves and Rhinos. With her' assistance we were able to significantly improve our husbandry techniques through training programs.

In the last several months I have had the opportunity to attend her' dog obedience school. She was very professional in the way she handled and taught her clients while working with their animals. Her ability to relate to both her adult and youth clients was outstanding. This was evident from watching her working one on one with my daughter who was 12 years old with her first dog.

The class size was small, with no more than six dog puppies allowed for individual attention, which gave the owners/handlers the confidence and ability to understand what was needed from both the dog and handler.

The course was well organized allowing each session to build upon another; the complete course ran six weeks. The handouts were well developed and explained in simple terms what we needed to learn. They complemented the handling component very well, and allowed us to review the techniques from the lesson at our own pace. Each week we would have the time to review our success or setbacks from the week prior and be given an alternative training option to consider, if needed.

In my 26 years in working within the zoological field with both exotics as well as domestic animals, there has only been a handful of staff that I would consider outstanding, Carolyn is one such person.

Yours sincerely,
Roger Iles
Sr. Curator of Mammals
Audubon Institute/Audubon Park & Zoological Garden

When I called Carolyn I had almost given up on ever training my one year old cockapoo, Macie to behave. She was so high spirited and I just didn’t know how to handle her. Carolyn was wonderful! I had just three private lessons with her, two at my home and one at her training facility and Macie was on her way to being the best dog in the world! Carolyn exceeded my expectations and I am so pleased with the change in Macie’s behavior. Thank you, Carolyn!

Margaret Love
Columbus, Georgia


ChaCha is a very strong willed german shorthair pointer. We got her soon after losing our 12 year old GSP, Nike. We had forgotten how difficult the "puppy stage" was. She was extremely disruptive and I admit spending several evenings in tears due to arguments with my husband over the dog and our lack of control in dealing with her. Our vet suggested that we contact Carolyn. This was definitely the turning point in our ChaCha adventure. Carolyn trained us so that we could train the puppy. I really learned a lot from her and will be forever grateful. She even spent extra time trying to help us with the invisible fence system. I highly recommend her for the most difficult behavior challenges you may have with your dog.

I hope you can join us Monday. ChaCha is running with me now. We are going 3-4 miles. I am really enjoying her now. Thanks again for your help.

Valorie Harbour
Columbus, Georgia

Dear Carolyn:

 I am writing to tell you how very grateful we are for the training instruction our 3 puppies have had to date.  As you know, we found these dogs abandoned in our neighborhood trash area one day in early May.  They are all females who were most likely 8 weeks old.   The three sisters weighed 9 pounds each; starving, flea-ridden, and wormy,  Who knows how long they had been left out on their own so survive? They were such loveable little dogs that we decided we had to give them a home and keep them together.  But, we knew there was no way we could handle 3 rambunctious little strays (who now weigh nearly 30 pounds at 4 months old) without some serious discipline while they develop.  

So far we have taken your basic course and have dogs who can walk beautifully on a leash.  Since they are leash-trained, we are now able to put in an underground fence; because they can be walked on the property to learn our “electronic” boundaries in the woods and along the road.  They respond to “sit” and “down” and “let’s go” and have learned “off” (as in – no jumping up on us).    They know “easy” (taking food gently from our fingers) and “no bite”.  They are beginning to learn “heel” and “drop it” and “come”.   They run to us when we blow the whistle; and are learning their individual names. 

Of course they are still young, and we need to keep reinforcing their good behavior and practicing everything we have accomplished so far.   We look forward to more advanced lessons with you when the “girls” are ready.  I can’t wait to walk them down Broadway as a threesome when they are ready to face the public, and I’ll brag on your great teaching and guidance.  You are so patient with us and the dogs.  You are warm and kind to the animals but firm and clear in your direction.  I most strongly endorse you to anyone who has a dog that needs to be trained – whether they have a problem dog or a new puppy.

Dr. Linda Walker
Columbus, Georgia


I was verging on desperate when I finally decided that my husband, Adam, and I needed to seek some additional outside help with Ranger, our 1 year old mixed breed. Among displaying many other negative behavioral issues, Ranger, was turning our walks into very frustrating experiences by throwing frequent "fits," complete with leash biting, growling, and endless tugging. I was very upset that our pet was developing into more of a problem than a lifelong friend.

As a very active couple, Adam and I had high hopes of taking Ranger with us on runs, letting him tag along with us on family vacations, and spending time around family members and friends. Unfortunately, His food guarding, domineering personality, and refusal to settle down indoors were making these goals seemingly impossible to achieve.

Having already attended a local training class, I contacted Carolyn. I immediately felt confident in Carolyn's expertise and knew she could give us the tools we needed to get Ranger on the right path. By the end of her visit, we were outside walking Ranger at our side and the leash problem was already beginning to become a distant memory. A few sessions later, Ranger had improved by leaps and bounds. Seeing the potential for even more improvement, Carolyn suggested we begin working with an e-collar and educated us on how to use this often-misunderstood training tool.

We couldn't be happier with the progress that we have made with Ranger at this point. He is now an awesome jogging partner who has even participated in organized 5k races with me! Everyone at these events loves asking questions about him and Ranger loves all the positive attention and praise. He frequently joins us at our family cabin where he swims tirelessly in the lake and plays off leash, while remaining responsive to our commands and respectful of our boundaries. We are also able to hand feed him now, and he politely waits for the kibble to be placed into his bowl.

Recently, we moved back home to California, so we were not able to continue our training with Carolyn, but she still helps us from a distance, as we often email her with questions when we need advice. We are proud to say that Ranger has become a dog that we can enjoy each day and are very glad that Carolyn helped him to become a true southern gentleman during our time in Georgia!

Adam & Kelly Burke
Columbus, Georgia/California


Trixie’s bags were all but packed when I called Carolyn. This terrier puppy had been witTrixieh us for five months and it really wasn’t working out with Millie, our 8 year-old border collie mix. As Trixie grew, she dominated and Millie withdrew. I was losing my faithful companion and walking buddy to this young upstart. Still I was trying to adjust and hope Millie would come around since I had accepted this puppy as a favor to a friend. When an all-out dogfight erupted on the beach on the second night of our vacation, I knew things had reaMillieched the point where I was justified in finding Trixie her new home. Consulting a certified trainer would seal the deal and ease my guilt.

It’s hard to believe I made that phone call just two months ago. From the beginning, Carolyn’s approach was comprehensive. She assessed the situation and made some immediate recommendations regarding our daily routine that relieved the tension between the dogs. We began working with Trixie’s basic obedience training and I became a convert to the electronic training collar. I had held the common misconception that it functioned as a “zapper” for bad behavior and would result in a fearful dog. But as I read the handouts and watched Trixie respond to Carolyn’s training sessions, my hope grew.

Today I enjoyed another relaxing off-leash walk with my dogs. I’m not going to claim that they’re best buddies. Trixie would like Millie to play more while Millie still prefers her one-on-one time with me. The truth is that Millie and I have personalities and souls that hear the same music. Trixie sings harmony and keeps things lively. But it’s a good and peaceful home for all.

That’s the thing about working with Carolyn. Her work with us went far beyond obedience training. She helped me work out healthy relationships with my dogs. She was generous with her lesson time and did crisis e-mail consults. She cared about my dogs and brought us to this happy ending.

- Jane Bucholtz, Columbus Georgia

We sought out Carolyn because our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Clyde, was an extremely anxious dog and consequently aggressive towards other dogs. We tried several conventional group training classes at two different facilities. And while Clyde was an “A” student at walking on a leash and following commands, he still remained overly anxious and aggressive. We needed someone who could not only identify what the problem was but provide us a strong syllabus to help correct these undesirable behaviors.

Carolyn was able to adapt her training to fit our specific needs. While working with us she continually re-evaluated her approach with Clyde to make sure the issues were identified, addressed, and corrected. We were finally able to recognize his body language, how to socialize him with other dogs, and how to effectively handle a large dominant dog. Now this 120lb monster lies on his back while our new 14 week old puppy climbs all over him and Clyde is obedient on and off the leash. We are truly grateful for all of Carolyn’s advice, guidance, and expertise in animal behavior.

- The Horstmans, Columbus, Georgia

How to describe the miraculous changes you have worked on my Roxie? This cute 13-month old who stole my heart on the PAWS website was a terrible terrier in every sense of the term, and she was surely headed back to the shelter until you rescued both of us. I am happy to report that after training with you, Roxie has made remarkable progress. Although still high strung and highly excitable, she does now listen to commands and for the most part she obeys, albeit grudgingly at times. And I have learned how to talk to her in a calm, controlled, but commanding tone of voice which is a far cry from the near hysteria I felt when we first met.

Roxie now walks well on leash and understands the concept of going to her place; she sits and stays at doors until asked to follow me and waits to be invited to have her meals. Her big initial bugaboo was going into her crate and I am ecstatic that she now “goes house” with absolutely no hesitation and goes in and out freely when I am home. Roxie is turning into a well-behaved companion and I look forward to taking her many places with me although other than walks on the trail I haven’t yet braved taking her to any pet-friendly venues--that adventure awaits us in the very near future.

I know without a doubt that had you not been able to come out earlier than the day we originally scheduled, Roxie would have found herself back at PAWS for what I now know would have been at least the third time. How sad that would have been for Roxie and for me.

Roxie and I both have more to learn and we look forward to those lessons. In a very real sense I have been in training as has Roxie…thankfully neither of us has flunked out of the program!

Thank you, Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart for showing me the wonderful dog that lurked within the wild child that was Roxie two months ago. She has earned her place in my home…and in my heart.

Karen Highfield
Columbus, Ga

When I called Carolyn Morris about our two Jack Russell Terriers, I was at a loss to explain just how poorly behaved they were. We got Dudley as a puppy, so he had spent his nine years with very few changes, inside about three acres contained by a Dog Watch e-fence. We adopted Trudy from a breeder, so for six years she lived in a kennel with several other females and had delivered several litters of puppies. After her last litter she had become aggressive towards the other females, and so had to be given away.

We brought her home and she adjusted quickly to the many changes in her life, including walking on grass, coming inside the house, walking on wooden floors or even carpet. Everything was new to her, but she eagerly sorted everything out. Everything except a neighbor's JRT, a neutered male who she immediately set upon and would even watch for him to come into our yard so she could keep him away as far as possible.

Carolyn showed me how to train them for basic good behavior in their daily routines, but also watched them when other dogs were around and made several suggestions as to how we could stop the aggression and tension it caused. Now we have no displays of aggression and everyone gets along beautifully.

I have know other trainers, but when I saw what Carolyn did for our dogs in such a short time, I couldn't believe it. She is an outstanding dog trainer, but she also sees the animal inside and relates to each one personally. I cannot tell you more than to say she is the most skilled trainer I have ever known.

Cynthia Wolford
Pine Mountain, GA


Dear Caroline,
I wanted to email you to let you know how much I appreciate you and all that you have taught, not only Tito, but me as well.I had dogs as a child, which were kept outside all year long. They were fed and sheltered but were in no way a part of our family, they were just there. .
Then one day, I find myself in love with the most beautiful little dog I found. It was a Chichucha. If there is ever a dog with a "yelpy, bad" reputation, it is a Chicuacha.  
I had a 1 year old daughter and a husband who dislikes ALL dogs, EXCEPT the ones that you can borrow when you hunted. As an adult, I had never owned a dog. I didn't even know where to begin potty training a dog.

I knew I needed serious help with this little 1.5 lb animal . I wanted this dog to be part of our family, so if I could somehow manage to convince my husband NOT to divorce me over this dog and have the dog trained in the meantime, I might be able to keep "Tito".

I checked a popular chain pet store....they train dogs. Nope. The class was huge, all the dogs were barking. The young man in charge of the training recently passed his “Dog Trainer” certification class. No, I needed to get this training thing started asap and I wanted one on one attention with a truly experienced person.

At our Veterinarian’s office, I inquired about dog training classes. The Developing Canine came highly recommended, so I called. At that time my expectations of the "Dog Trainer" experience went like this: I would pay my hourly fee ( by the way, was more than my husband knew I was spending) and the Trainer would train my dog to be good and not pee in the house. That is all I wanted and needed. That is what I was paying for. Or so I thought………

When I met Caroline at the Developing Canine, she went over the basics of dog training. Things I had never thought about were brought up. Like the importance of walking properly on a leash. You mean I could stroll the baby and have my dog keep pace and stay by my side? Cool, I could bring him to the park.Caroline went over the importance of respecting people when they walked in the door. Dogs are NOT supposed to jump on people when the walk in. Yikes, I could stop this little dog from jumping on my baby, sounds great!

Long story short, the list of things I could and should train Tito were more than I had even thought about. Things that were needed to make my little dog a good citizen, my life easier and increase his chance of my husband not giving him the boot. I could take the dog with me places and not worry about him being the “crazy chihuahua”. I was all in and ready to start my weekly classes.

I took it very seriously. When Caroline showed me a new command, I practiced it. The 15 minutes I took daily to practice with Tito, began as an after baby bedtime ritual. I then started practicing a few times through the day when I had time. During breakfast prep time, while bathing the baby. Just anytime. My daughter was even starting to say “Sit, Tito”.

I began to see that these little bits of time invested in this dog were proving to be a huge reward! People would be amazed to see me walking a stroller and a dog that was perfectly behaved. They would come up to me and want to see him, he is pretty cute! It was even more fun to explain to them that he is a great dog but it was because I immediately invested in his training when I got him. I would proceed to show off our sit, lay down and “stay” by walking away a few feet. I would always hear the same thing: “ I didn’t think these little dogs could be trained, because I had a friend who had one and…..”

Then something both exciting and sad happened. We needed to move across the country, but I could not bring Tito right away. So, a family friend volunteered to keep him while we got settled.
After two months of not having Tito, he finally came home! While at our family friends house, Tito had forgotten quite a bit of family rules like using the bathroom outside, no jumping on the furniture and no jumping on the baby. He also picked up a couple new bad habits like begging for food at the table and growling/barking at other dogs when he saw them.

Had I not had my “Developing Canine” experience behind me, it would have been a miserable experience welcoming Tito back into our home. Instead I felt empowered and confident. I immediately put the commands back into action. Fortunately, within 3 weeks he was back to his old self again! Thank you Caroline!
I did not know this but California is the MOST dog friendly place on the planet. A person can bring their dog almost anywhere. Dogs are welcomed by sales people carrying treats and dog bowls, it is fabulous! I walk proudly everywhere with Tito, he is just a perfectly behaved addition to our family.

Now…when I go over to someone’s house or take a walk and see people struggling with a dog, I want so badly to walk up and say: “Your dog does NOT have to behave like this!”

All it takes is the right Trainer, patience and willingness to learn. Once you learn the command techniques, life with your dog becomes easier and more fun! 

I am so very grateful I used the Developing Canine to train both me and Tito! Thank you so much for everything!

Sophia Osborne
Columbus, GA

"I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and sincere love of animals with myself and gracie. She is a big part of our family, and now with your help, we can include her in more and more activities and outings. I look forward to seeing you at some of the intermediate classes!"

- Dorothy and Gracie Shipman

"I would like to recommend the services of Carolyn Morris. We have sent many of our patients to her canine obedience classes and have been happy with the results. Our clients are pleased with her technique and the individual attention is beneficial. Her puppy preschool has done wonders for some of our hyperactive patients!"

- Wendy Conaway
Hospital Administrator
Hickory Knoll Veterinary Hospital
Jefferson, LA

"We moved to Los Angeles and Hunter is doing very well. He's been acting! He was just cast in the Warner Brothers film "Shiloh 3". They don't shoot until spring. Nicole and I have offset hours so he is a very well behaved dog lately. We have a two hour hike every day in the mountains and there are so many dogs in our neighborhood that lover Hunter. Enclosed, enjoy Hunter's head shot and resume' and please stay in touch! Much love and Thanks"

- Wayne, Nicole and Hunter Santiago


Tinkerbell is so much better behaved now, thanks to you and your class. Jim and I appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge and people skills. You run a first class, highly professional operation and we are very satisfied.

Also, thank you for stressing the importance of the whistle. I had taken Tinkerbell's leash off before we were indoors, she saw a squirrel and went dashing into the woods (near a very busy street). I ran inside, grabbed the whistle, blew it and she came flying like a bat out of hell!!!! I play "whistle" with her about every other day and I use the chicken as you had suggested. Thank you so much for everything.

- Jim, Janel and Tinkerbell Turcyl

"I had tried to house training Coco for 8 months unsuccessfully. Finally, at my vets suggestion, I called Carolyn. Her detailed instructions worked. This is such a relief for both of us and we consider Carolyn a puppy-dog angel."

- Ann Caballero


"Before training with Carolyn, we could not control Kasey. Now that we've all learned the commands, Kasey is eager to please us and we are thrilled that she listens."

- Jay Connaughton

Kasey"Sassy was becoming more aggressive each day. Carolyn helped Sassy learn to respect our boundaries. She is no longer aggressive and has accepted that we are the leader of the household."

- Cheryl Christen