Carolyn Weinbaum, Animal Trainer


Carolyn training whaleCarolyn Weinbaum has been a professional animal trainer since 1984 when she began her career at the Miami Seaquarium training and presenting shows with Orcas, Pacific white-sided dolphins, California sea lions and Pacific harbor seals.

In 1989 Carolyn was asked to develop a training program with the New Orleans' Audubon Zoo’s five California sea lions. While in New Orleans, Carolyn expanded her training skills by training white rhinos, red wolves, and primates.

After obtaining her certification as a dog trainer in 1995 from a nationally recognized dog training school, Carolyn founded The Developing Canine Behavior and Training

Carolyn with her dog

Blending traditional dog training techniques with techniques used to train marine mammals, Carolyn has created her own style that has helped thousands of dogs and their owners have a better understanding of one another’s needs which helps them to have a more satisfying relationship.

She is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and National K9 Dog Trainers Association.

Carolyn continues to educate herself by attending workshops, seminars and conferences throughout the United States and Abroad.

In 2006 Carolyn moved to Columbus, GA where she continues her commitment to building healthy and happy relationships between dogs and their families.

Companions and Business PartnersVector


Carolyn adopted Vector in 1995 from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in New Orleans LA. after reading his story in the paper. He had been found under a house, shot through the neck with an arrow by a local cab driver. She brought him to the vet to have the arrow removed and he was then taken to the shelter. Fearful he would be shot again, his owners gave him up for adoption.

When Carolyn called the shelter to inquire about adopting him, there was already a list of over 100 people. Having experienced treatment for heartworms in dogs and being the head animal trainer at the zoo, Carolyn was put at the top of the list. When Carolyn founded The Developing Canine "Vector" was right by her side.

Knowing training owners of dogs to have well behaved companions in their homes was going to be different than training whales and dolphins to perform in front of crowds, Carolyn and Vector attended National K9 in Columbus Ohio. They learned the business of mutual cooperation between man and dog and worked together for 12 years until his passing in 2006.

In those years Vector was The Developing Canine's ambassador and role model for all dogs who came to them for training. He was polite and thoughtful, rugged and playful. He was a world class explorer and an actor in two films. He was Carolyn's reason to smile and laugh during stormy and tragic times and he left giant paws to fill in Carolyn's heart and at The Developing Canine.


Carolyn came upon George one day while working on her computer. She glanced out the window and saw a handsome dog purposefully trotting by. When she inquired with him where he might be headed, he gladly turned around and came in the house as if it were his destination. After searching for his owners unsuccessfully, Carolyn began training him.

Being as socially motivated as he was, his training was much longer and difficult. He was distracted easily by shiny objects and would rather meet other people and dogs than do a goofy sit or down. Because Vector enjoyed the role and was so talented at being the demo dog, George was content to be the family dog who would come to class to demonstrate what owners could do when faced with difficult learning tasks. He enjoyed being silly in class

Over the years his skills developed and he began to take on more of a role in classes though Carolyn always had to keep a watchful eye on his antics. These days his role in The Developing Canine is showing owners how to teach an old dog new tricks.

Partner: SunshineSunshine

Sunshine is the newest member of Carolyn's household and The Developing Canine. She was found in September, shortly after Vector's death, playing in the street with a neighborhood dog. With the death of Vector, Carolyn found she had no heart to give this sweet little smiling dog and promised her she could stay in the back yard with food and water until her owner was found. That lasted two days. Each time Carolyn fed and watered her, she chiseled away at the stone.

Over the weeks she spent trying to find her home, Carolyn worked with her and saw the bright and willing little animal inside. There was much sadness in the home for both Carolyn and George and soon Sunshine was changing that. Her owner was never found and with a little bit of time Sunshine will be showing the canines of Columbus what it means to be well behaved and happy.